The one-day CHI 2019 workshop Troubling Innovation: Craft and Computing Across Boundaries aims to bring together scholars and practitioners and scholars working at the intersection of craft and computation. We aim to gather a globally distributed group of craft contributors whose work reflects crucial but under-valued HCI positions, practices, and pedagogies.

The workshop will take place on Saturday May 4th 2019 in Glashow, UK as part of CHI 2019, the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. We invite you to submit your workshop position submission until February 19 (AoE) 2019 following our > Call for Participation.

IMPORTANT: *In order to have your proposal considered we still expect to have a preliminary notice with a Title, Author(s) name by the official deadline:* February 12th 2019 (AoE).

This website accompanies the workshop through all stages. In the pre-workshop phase, it will promote the workshop to a diverse community of interested researchers and practitioners as well as facilitate the submission of the position papers. During the workshop, it will serve as a platform for information and exchange among workshop participants. After the workshop, the website will showcase workshop results to a wider online audience of researchers and practitioners interested in HCI craft. It will further be used for networking and community building around the workshop theme. The website also hosts an extending list of references relevant to the workshop in order to future submissions and help contextualise the field.