Costurero Viajero

Costurero Viajero is

Costurero Viajero was created by Artesanal Tecnológica, a research collective, led by Tania Pérez-Bustos and Eliana Sánchez Aldana. It was the winner of Colombian Ministry of Culture research grant in 2016 for the production of museographic projects on historical memory and armed conflict. In addition to being an exhibition piece, Costurero Viajero is a tool that allows to collectively design textile pieces on woven and embroidered memories, and to document the process of creation digitally. The first stop of Costurero Viajero was the Weavers for the Memory of Sonsón, who, using embroidery and sewing, have undertaken the work of shaping historical memory as a way to repair, to do justice and to face the diverse expressions of the violence in the framework of the armed conflict in Colombia. Cosutrero Viajero documents digitally the work of these women as well as of other 5 memory sewing circles in Colombia. Link

In the picture, Alicia, one of the women of the memory sewing circle in Sonsón documents the process using the tablet and the app that travels with the exhibition. This information is automatically upploaded into the website of the Costurero Viajero, and allows people to follow up the process, allowing this craftivism, undertaken by women of old age, to gain political visibility. The digital components of Costurero Viajero were designed by Laura Cortes Rico.

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