Memory-Rich Clothing

This project from Joanna Berzowska describes a series of reactive body-worn artifacts that display their history of use and communicate physical (or embodied) memory. These electronically enhanced garments strive to promote touch, physical proximity, and human-to-human interaction. We explored distinct input, mapping, and output methodologies that deal with different models of autonomy, memory, and interruption granularity. The pieces described are part of a larger research project called Memory Rich Clothing. By concentrating on garments that reflect more subtle, playful, or poetic aspects of our identity and history, our enquiry attempts to redefine some of the assumptions that technology designers traditionally make under financial and cultural constraints about how people interact and communicate with each other.

Indication of time in the Intimate Memory Shirt. The skirt illuminates when someone touches, or gropes, the leaves. —The second incorporates fabric-based pressure sensors connected with conductive threads to a stitched analog circuit. When they are groped, LEDs illuminate in the embroidery to register the event. In a similar fashion to how our skin registers touch, the illumination fades over time.Link.

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