QR-coded Embroidery

The conceptual and, in some specific cases, the visual similarity between traditional craft items, such as winter mittens or Muhu skirt, and QR codes were the starting inspiration for the first explorations. Together with the possibility of keeping technology physically separated from the textile, the dynamic layer of digital technology seemed to play a significant role in moving smart textiles towards more sustainable direction. QR code can reveal a lot of information very similarly to a folkloric garment, accessory or ornament. Both of them also need a key to access that level of information.

QR-coded embroidery groups together a set of prototypes involving Quick Response codes embroidered onto textiles in order to relate the static durable textile with dynamic changeable digital world. While traditional quality-aimed technique, such as embroidery is long lasting and pleasant to touch, the digital layer connected to it provides an opportunity for the textile product to act in a service system to stay updated and change content throughout time. The first QR-coded embroidery prototype is a textile telling the story of the material’s whole life cycle – The Story of a Textile. The second prototype is a pillow showing fairy-tales – QR-coded Traditions. And the third one is a daily item sharing built up knowledge of a specific community – Local Wisdoms. A project by Kristi Kuusk Link.

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