This work was completed as part of a one-month quartier21 artist-in-residency during the Technosensual exhibition at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria.

In 2020, the global economy is in shambles. Localized production and craftsmanship experiences it’s first major boom since it’s decline preceding the 1920′s Industrial Revolution. The electronics sector in particular is hit by a scarcity of resources, causing prices to skyrocket. Electronics, previously known for their uniformity and quantity, almost overnight become a showcase for individuality, materiality and skilled labor. This development is now commonly known as Exquisite Electronics and today we live in a world where the rich commission extravagant Haute Couture electronics reminiscent of pre-industrial eras.

In 2028, the artisans KOBAKANT were commissioned to make an Extravagant Electronic funeral gown, also known as The Crying Dress. The gown was worn by the wife of the deceased commissioner in attendance of his funeral, where the dress shed endless tears of mourning. There has been much speculation on the commissioner’s motivation for ordering the gown prior to his death, but it is widely believed that he intended for it to console his wife and accompany her mourning. Link.

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