Wearable Tech + Fashion Design Curriculum for Girls Who Code

Lisa Stark designed and wrote the core curriculum for the Wearable Tech + Fashion Design for the Girls Who Code Campus program. Girls learn the fundamentals of wearable technology, basic electronics, and programming fundamentals using the LilyPad Arduino and a variety of conductive and non-conductive textile materials.

She used a backwards design approach and drew on a variety of playful, embodied learning techniques grounded in a constructionist pedagogy. Starting with essential questions and understandings, She developed learning goals for each day, then designed a set of scaffolded exploration activities and project tutorials that aligned with the learning objectives. Girls also use the projects to explore larger social and ethical issues within the world of wearable tech, including privacy, open source, and sustainability, as well as different fields that employ it such as assistive technology, quantified self, education, and performance. Link

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